Back on April 30, 2021, I wrote a piece about the toilets flooding. If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can see it below. While at recreation on Thursday, July 29th, I was speaking with the guy who's toile

t flooded on April 20th. He told me how this Sgt manipulated the Captain into writing this fraudulent DR and supported placing him on "strip cell." As I walked around the yard with him, listening to his story, I got madder and madder. It was just another abuse of power by people that are too irresponsible to have any power over other human beings!!! Am I mad? You're damn right I am! It upsets me more when I see them abuse other people than it does they abuse their power to abuse me. And the inmate they did this to, well, he's into meditation and Zen. When they placed him on DC, that Sgt showed up at his cell. The inmate was sitting there meditating. They had taken all his property, but they left him his mattress and blanket. Well, the Sgt asked him why he still had that stating, "you're supposed to be on strip."

The inmate told me, "Man it was still a little chilly. I'm too old to be laying on a steel platform in the cold. So I just looked up at the Sgt and said 'I'm sorry.'" He said the Sgt looked surprised and accepted his apology and walked off, leaving him his mattress and blanket. I'm nothing like this inmate. My mom wishes I was, but I'm flawed to a T!! My pride would have never allowed me to back down when I know I'm right. This "strip cell," is a rule that is over used and a way to torture inmates into submission. They've tried it on me. It didn't work. This is a rule that needs to be rescinded because it is more often that not, used improperly. I'm going to be writing about it and breaking the rule down for you. It's another example of the abuse of power that I fight against and I will continue to fight against it till my last breath. I hated hearing about how they did this man and it eats at my soul just thinking about what they did to him. God, we need change! We need true leaders managing the FDOC! Keep it in your prayers. Keep it in your heart and let's bring change, so people like him don't suffer under abusive dictators. God bless.

Sincerely, Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974