Emergency COVID-19 by Daniel Craven

There is an inmate that has tested positive on my wing,they refuse to move him to a quarantine wing because he is behind door...

They are using the same cuffs from him to others immediately after with any kind of sanitizing, they take cups from his cells and touch them to the drink cooler and keep going down the line,they do cell clean up and pass the broom ,toilet brush ,mop etc.. straight from his cell to the next and laugh when I suggest the CDC rules and regulations....The inmates name is Robert Craft and as we speak he is in the shower that has not been cleaned in two weeks and has not been sanitized a single time that he's used it and I am about to refuse my shower for fear of catching this easily passed virus ...

This stuff sticks on clothes,plastics,metals and lingers in the air .....How is it quarantined in his cell alone?How is this legal,multiple of us now actually fear a d.r. for refusing the shower due their non actions.....Please advise,please pass along ,please notify those who can make these people do their job...On the street if you Knowingly do things to pass the virus its considered a terrorist act..So what is it when you knowingly refuse to do protocols...Today's date is 9/18/20 and the time is between 8 and 8:30 pm for camera and sound time stamps...

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