Claudine Verplanken

CEO and founder

 French Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Ask yourself a simple question, how is it possible that nowadays with all the improvements for the rights, equality, dignity and value of human and animal life, can such legal barbarism still exist?  Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have never made a bad choice, ask yourself how far that choice could have gone if you had been shattered by a life of suffering or abuse, by mental illness,  lack of love, disorientation or simply lack of education.


Look around you and ask yourself how far this little boy kicking his mother could go if no one helped him? The human spirit is fragile, it breaks, and can push us to commit the irreparable, because we are broken ourselves...But is this reason enough to allow a system as useless and monstrous as the death penalty. We don't think it and we don't want it!

Claudine Verplanken, CEO and founder FCADP