The FDOC is not taking covid-19 serious, which is going to result in hundreds if not thousands of deaths. Which will be negligent homicide, and result in wrongful death suits. These are some of the issues that are blatantly obvious.
1.) Inmate barbers who are not only giving hair cuts but shaves are standing over the inmates running clippers over the inmates face in and around the nose and mouth area. The barber's are not wearing a mask, although they are within the six foot CDC recommended range. The barber's are using a nonalcoholic base cleaner to clean the clippers after each shave. So these mandatory hair cuts and shaves have the potential to end in deadly consequences.
2.) Food service, in isolation/solitary confinement, the inmates passing out the juice, walks up, takes the inmates cup, pours the juice in it, hands the cup back to the inmate before going to their next cell and repeating that over for the next 84 cells. So these gloves have been contaminated by the germs of 84 inmates. When the inmate is consuming his food and drink,if he's eating a sandwich, the germs possible covid-19 virus that could be on that cup, is going from the cup to the sandwich. These inmates serving the juice are not wearing face protection, wherefore the server is breathing and talking over the open cup, that the contents is being poured into.
3.) Staff when escorting inmates to recreation are violating this six foot CDC recommended guidelines. They are also using the same pair of gloves to search the clothing of up to five inmates before removing and discarding them. And these same gloves that's handling the clothing of each inmate, is being placed on numerous inmates in order to escort the inmates to the recreation yard, in what they define as custodial touch were they are holding the inmate by the upper part of the arm. So we have contaminated gloves handling numerous inmates before being discarded. Handcuffs are also being placed on inmates, one after another without being sanitized. Which is also taking place at shower time.
4.) Inmates in P-dorm are being placed on the recreation yard, with as many as 50 inmates in an enclosure that's far too small to guarantee each inmate the six foot CDC recommended guideline range. This in and of itself is a danger to the inmates out there, and the possible spread of the covid-19 virus. When the rec yard was originally designed and p-dorm was opened in 1992 there was a maximum capacity of 28 inmates allowed on each yard. Staff in the past few years have violated that for convenience over security. And in this time of covid-19, staffs convenience should not be taking priority over the lives that could potential be lost to over crowed yards.
Yes wrongful death suits against the FDOC is about to be on the rise, for as you can see, there's a total disregard for the inmates lives in and around solitary confinement. Covid-19 is coming, and the body county is going to be outrageous due to the neglect of the FDOC.